Updated to version 3

Jigsaw Factory was updated to version 3 with the following changes.

-- Changes from Jigsaw Factory version 2 --

Added the bonus tools folder with a variety of small software tools. Also includes the 'HTML Jigsaw Puzzle Generator' program, which is somewhat less small.

Changed the 'Window titlebar text for puzzle software' control on the 'Select Puzzle Project' tab page to use the project name as the titlebar text if the titlebar text is set to an empty string. The old behaviour was for the client to use 'Jigsaw Puzzles' as the window title text if the text was a blank string.

Removed the check to see if a JPEG image needs to be re-encoded to reduce file densitiy when it's added to a project. The test that was being used was too imprecise and resulted in too many false positives.

Added a 'Delete Contents Of Output Folder' button to the 'Create Jigsaw Puzzles' tab page (includes a confirm dialog). This provides a quick way to delete all the files and folders contained in the 'Output' folder that generated puzzle packages are placed into.

Added a 'Strip Rich Text' menu option to the right-click context menu for image description and more info paragraph textboxes. This will strip any rich text formatting from the current paragraph textbox. If you've copied and pasted text from a rich text document then you may find that the style formatting for the text has also been copied. This menu option lets you fix that.

Changed the code to stop adding the character set encoding meta tag to the generated html files for image description and more info pages. The meta tag was causing accent characters to be displayed as a hollow box. The html text being streamed to the embedded browsers is sent as unicode (Purebasic uses this internally for strings) and there doesn't seem to be a way to change this, but the pages were generated as UTF-8 which is the standard for the web. The browser seems to detect the encoding without issue with the character set encoding meta tag omitted.


Bonus Tools

The tools listed here are provided as a bonus for Jigsaw Factory owners. The tools can be found inside the 'Bonus Tools' folder inside this program's main folder. Note that I am the author of each of these tools.

HTML Jigsaw Puzzle Generator

Found in the 'HTML Jigsaw Puzzle Generator' folder. The executable file is named 'HTMLJigsawPuzzleGenerator.exe'.

This tool lets you load an image file from either your computer's filesystem or from the internet and then convert it into a jigsaw puzzle embedded into a HTML webpage file. All the media for the puzzle is embedded into the HTML file as base64 encoded text, making the file self-contained. You can also use the options in this tool to upload the generated puzzle file to a web hosting account via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) if you want to share it via the internet. Note that this tool is still under development and may have bugs. I plan on expanding on both this tool and the javascript jigsaw puzzle client used in the generated HTML files over time.

Open URLs

The executable file is named 'OpenURLs.exe'.

This app opens a list of web pages from web addresses pasted into the textbox in the app (with or without the protocol header) in your default web browser with a customizable interval between each. It can also use the URLs you enter to do a bulk Google site search. I use it for testing that groups of websites are still working and how many pages they have indexed in Google, amongst other things. Note that this will switch to the newly opened page in your web browser after opening each URL which will likely interrupt anything else you are doing on your computer, so you might want to do something else while this runs.

Password Generator

The executable file is named 'PasswordGenerator.exe'.

A password generator app. You can configure it to generate different length passwords with different character configurations.

Username Generator

The executable file is named 'UsernameGenerator.exe'.

A username generator app. Generates a list of usernames based on adjective-noun pairs. Most of the generated usernames are rubbish but you can cherry-pick the more interesting ones. Just click on a username in the generated list to copy it to the clipboard.

Alarm Timer

The executable file is named 'AlarmTimer.exe'.

A simple alarm timer app. You can set the timer as an absolute or relative offset time. I find it useful to set reminders for myself while working or playing on the computer.

Remove Duplicate Strings

The executable file is named 'RemoveDuplicateStrings.exe'.

This app takes a list of string values pasted from the clipboard and removes any duplicate strings.

Sort Alphabetically

The executable file is named 'SortAlphabetically.exe'.

This app takes a list of string values pasted from the clipboard and sorts them into alphabetical order.

Copy Filenames

The executable file is named 'CopyFilenames.exe'.

This app lets you open a file requester and select a set of files. You can then copy the names of the files to the clipboard and paste the filenames into a text file or wherever else you need to paste them. Not sure why this functionality isn't in Windows by default actually. It's a simple thing, but sometimes essential. I wanted to include the option to copy the names of selected folders too, but the standard file requester doesn't support it. I may write my own file and folder name requester at some point and update this tool with that functionality.


JigsawFactory_DemoVersion.zip - Version 3 1 MB
Jan 02, 2019
JigsawFactory.zip - Version 3 1 MB
Jan 02, 2019

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